Maths Market


Held from February to March 2014, Marché Maths is a traveling mathematics market with cultural activities that help children in the 1st year to strengthen their basic mathematical skills;

The activities of the Marché Maths were designed to complement the mathematics program in Senegal and to improve learners’ scores.

During her school visits, IA worked with teachers to help them use their knowledge and imagination to innovate beyond the classic framework.

Classroom practice and role play have been used to build children’s self-confidence and make learning mathematics often feared, fun.

The program completed by a Festival of Mathematics, organized at the British Council, our partner in Dakar.

As part of the development and implementation of this program, IA benefited from the collaboration of Math 4 Love. These combined efforts have reached more than 2,500 students in 15 schools.

ImagiNation Labs helps children develop critical decision-making skills and thought paradigms from the generation of ideas to the completion of a project. This practical program encourages children to think in a different and creative way to solve complex problems. RN facilitators support and encourage children to work together to find practical solutions.