generation 2025

Mën na Nekk

As part of the promotion of tolerance and ‘living together’, IA in partnership with the US Embassy has developed a program aimed at young people over 14, teachers and communities Kédougou, Tambacounda And Kolda.

Mën Na Nekk, as part of the Generation 2025 program, intends to use gambling as a key lever in the development of children. Indeed, the game is at the base of creativity and imagination, two skills we wish to develop among our young people, citizens of a tolerant and prosperous world.

The aim of the Mën Na Nekk program is to sensitize young people and strengthen their critical thinking and capacities through the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to magnify tolerance and religious plurality. To this end, the program includes:

Google Cardboard Training for Teachers
Computer coding courses and initiation to a positive use of social networks
Immersion courses for taking pictures, making and editing films
Youth Leadership Training for Religious Moderation and Tolerance
The organization of a film festival (short film) Mën Na Nekk

Girls Write Now

Girls Write Now! Means a workshop and writing contest for girls in Secondary of the principal Lycées of Dakar, Girls; These students are invited to collectively write a short story on the theme “Between value and identity in a society in constant evolution”. After a selection of winning stories, teams were invited to participate in a two-day creative writing.
It was offered to 28 girls from 6 different schools the opportunity to see their works published to industry experts, including writers and editors.

Coding Camp

(April 2013 and 2014) For the second consecutive year, IA has joined forces with the British Council to promote the girls of Limamoulaye, Sacré-coeur and Ste Bernadette high schools in the world. As main subjects were chosen their openness to the language and their capacity to be leaders of the African digital revolution. Organized around mini-formations and camps, the girls received mentoring, life skills and coding classes during the visit. They were able to meet local and international innovators. The girls developed their own mobile apps and were inspired to consider a career in the field consisting mostly of men.

This program, dedicated to the place of women in the new information and communication technologies, has produced 20 young mobile mobile developers.