In the context of promoting tolerance and ‘living together’, IA in partnership with The US Embassy has developed a program for youth over the age of 14,
Teachers and the different communities of Kedougou, Tambacounda and Kolda.
The aim of the MEN NA NEKK program is to raise young people’s awareness and reinforce their spirit And their capabilities through the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to magnify tolerance and religious plurality. With this in mind, the Includes:

  Google Cardboard Training for Teachers
  Computer coding courses and initiation to a positive use of social networks
  Immersion courses for taking pictures, making and editing films
–  Youth leadership training for religious moderation and tolerance
– Organization of a film festival (short film) MEN NA NEKK


  To sensitize and train 120 young people over 14 and 60 teachers in Kédougou,
Tambacounda and Kolda to tolerance and religious moderation through ICT, the work of Image, leadership learning.
 Strengthen national cohesion through the promotion of Senegalese culture and respect for Of religious and ethnic diversity
 Ensuring the transfer of technical skills and knowledge for change
Behavior and adherence to the positive attitudes of ‘living together’

Develop a multidisciplinary approach to sensitize youth and teachers
The dangers of lack of tolerance and to take action to change the
Behavior at the local and national levels