Kër ImagiNation Encompasses the sedentary exhibitions of ImagiNation Afrika hosted at IFAN, the Leopold Sedar Senghor Institute in Dakar and the Brooklyn Children’s Museum in New York. These exhibitions have been the pivot of our early days and continue to help our philosophy of discovery and play.


June 2012 and April 2014

The exhibition, in partnership with the Brooklyn Children’s Museum, enabled young people in Dakar and Brooklyn to study and exchange views on the contributions of migrants to the communities in which they live, A dynamic phenomenon. Originally organized as part of the Kër ImagiNation sedentary exhibition at IFAN, this exhibition was integrated into our Nomadic Learning program under the name Next stop: Brooklyn / Dakar via Bamako and moved to St. Louis, Thiès And in Louga at the request of the cultural institutions of these regions, where she was visited by nearly 2,000 children.

Mars 2012

This activity has taught children to recognize the constellations they see every day. The scientific aspects behind the beauty of the sky were explained to children using several activities such as creating a kaleidoscope and observing the solar system in a planetarium. Participants realized how immense the universe is, and although they are firmly anchored in the ground, their possibilities are equally immense. This exceptional learning opportunity has taught 131 children to think outside their classroom and see all the beauty that is around them.

December 2011

This exhibition, focusing on the links between people and forms, maths and myths, as well as natural and human spaces, invited children aged 3 to 12 to discover the concept of fractals – that is to say Patterns that repeat indefinitely on multiple scales – and understand how fractal geometry has been integrated into African traditional aesthetics, architecture and knowledge systems. It combined extraordinarily the arts, maths and natural sciences, enabling 375 children from eight schools to learn complex mathematical concepts in a simple and playful way.

« The world of the little ones» 6 months – 5 years

« Futurs changemakers » 6-14 years

Makers Spaces

Atelier paix et la justice. Photos: Mamadou Dia


School visit

There is only one address for your educational outings: Kër ImagiNation!

Ker ImagiNation offers kindergartens, primary schools, colleges, community groups and out-of-school programs excursions and additional learning outside the classroom.

We invite groups of visitors to roll up the sleeves and learn through practical experiences that encourage imagination, curiosity, and questioning.

Our environment is informal but our goal is serious.

This is the birthday of your little piece of cabbage? Do you want this to be an unforgettable and indelible moment for your child? Ker ImagiNation puts its team at your disposal.

All your guests, young and old alike, will be served! Come celebrate an original anniversary with our wide choice of themes that follows:

Super Heros

Wood construction

Vroom, vroom, vroom! : Les roues en marche!

Young inventors at the labs!

Messy Play


Music and Movement

In addition, the decoration of the room is available on request. Do not forget to book;)


Family night

Come and share, young and old, family moments under the beautiful star at Ker imagination; Music, dance, reading, spectacle … A guaranteed atmosphere!

When? One Saturday in the month, from 19h to 20h30.