With a population of 200 million between the ages of 15 and 25, Africa has the highest concentration of young people in the world; a figure that could double by the middle of the century … This constitutes an enormous potential for the sustainable development of the continent if emergency solutions are implemented in the field of education for the employability of young people. Not surprisingly, UNESCO’s report on ‘Education for All’ dated 29 January 2014 links poverty and the quality of education. In sub-Saharan Africa, after more than 4 years spent on the benches, more than 50% of pupils lack basic reading and numeracy. While 50% of the money is badly invested in the primary, quality education would allow to increase by 23% the GDP in 40 years!

It is in this context that ImagiNation Afrika undertakes an innovative and sustainable approach to accompany integrated sectoral policies. Indeed, in response to the extension of schooling, IA is focusing on capacity building, pedagogical effectiveness and eco-citizenship training.

ImagiNation Afrika, the first hub for the training of ‘change makers’, offers interactive and ‘tailor-made’ programs aimed at exploiting personal potentials and developing the practical skills needed for the emergence of leaders for sustainable development. Africa.

These quality, itinerant and evolving programs, according to the immediate environment of the learners, are designed to accompany the academic programs initiated by the international authorities and institutions, to strengthen the capacities of all teaching professionals and to propose ‘ business model ‘modular in both urban and rural areas.